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She believes it is the institution’s job to gather proof - not hers.She cannot compromise her source or even let off that she might.They are denying the claims as a complete fabrication.The person who says she has evidence and a whistleblower, is a blogger who has shown little interest in cooperating with the official inquiry underway but who is dripping new information online on an almost daily basis with so much detail that it’s impossible to dismiss.The Opposition is repeating the claims of blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, after spending the past four years criticising dodgy deals and lack of transparency by “the most corrupt government in history”.Even the President felt the need to intervene and meet the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, seemingly to try and mediate the situation. Is there documentation that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Muscat and his wife were on the take in an elaborate money laundering set up? That’s the nature of money laundering set ups - especially ones in Panama. You could start from the fact that the Prime Minister’s two closest aides - his Energy Minister and his Chief of Staff - admitted to having secretive company structures of their own in Panama, which they began setting up days after they got elected to power.Its name is Egrant but we never really knew who owned it.The owners of the other two companies were published on an email black on white: Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri. The name of the beneficiary was given over Skype so there were no records in the Panama Papers data leak - the biggest documentation leak in human history.

It seems a whistleblower decided to come clean and expose Egrant as having the Prime Minister’s wife as its beneficiary.

And Muscat's debating opponent Simon Busuttil isn’t even the one with the evidence - Caruana Galizia is.

For all we know, she may only be releasing what her source allows her to release. All she has, she has by two miraculous strokes of luck: a giant Panama Papers leak, and a whistleblower who is filling the gaps.

She's a very reliable source."This comes from the mouths of Capetonian production teams.

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Today's post comes straight from spies in the on-set crew.

Wolverine bats for the other side - albeit it firmly and with clawed hands.