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Caruana Galizia last week produced transcripts of two documents which show that the ultimate beneficiary of the two companies who own Egrant is Michelle Muscat.Again, proof can mean different things to different people.And a ferry plane left Malta for Azerbaijan at 3am.Hours later, after the Prime Minister was under pressure to call a magisterial inquiry, police finally descended on the bank. The Muscats keep denying it tooth and nail - and the Pilatus Bank has denied that it has any form of banking relationship with the Prime Minister, his wife or any other members of his family.

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For all we know, she may only be releasing what her source allows her to release. All she has, she has by two miraculous strokes of luck: a giant Panama Papers leak, and a whistleblower who is filling the gaps.

She believes it is the institution’s job to gather proof - not hers.

She cannot compromise her source or even let off that she might.

If you're struggling to understand the basics, or you just need a recap of everything we've learnt so far, this is a comprehensive Q&A that explains how we got here and how this is all likely to end.

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Malta’s Prime Minister and his wife are under investigation over claims they were on the receiving end of secretive company structures, trusts and international transactions.They are denying the claims as a complete fabrication.The person who says she has evidence and a whistleblower, is a blogger who has shown little interest in cooperating with the official inquiry underway but who is dripping new information online on an almost daily basis with so much detail that it’s impossible to dismiss.Wolverine bats for the other side - albeit it firmly and with clawed hands.