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There’s just something special, and somewhat unexplainable, about when these two teams hook up. Whether it’s in this year’s Grey Cup or via the crossover, I know I’m not alone in hoping these two teams go head-to-head again in the post-season, because we’re likely in for another classic.In a win and tie so far this season, the Stamps have lacked the consistency they desire, but they’ve looked explosive and sometimes unstoppable in the second halves of both their games.Loosely based on the life of producer Russel Simmons this film takes us back to the early days of Hip-Hop when rap was just starting to break into the mainstream. I think, if anything, this film gives fans an idea of what it was like for young rappers, producers and other musicians from NYC in the early eighties.Blair Underwood plays Russel and everyone else (Run DMC, Fat Boys, Sheila E, New Edition, Beastie Boys, L. I think the film could have been better if it was a little grittier and honest, but if it was than Rap and Hip-Hop may not have blown up the way it did into mainstream culture.Colton Haynes — Colton is also no stranger to dating rumors, and has been said to be a compulsive co-star dater.

Harper's autobiographical novel is almost out, his girlfriend Robin desires commitment, and he's best man at the wedding of Lance, a pro athlete. See full summary » Ed Lover and Doctor Dre are two inept barbers. has a hit record and Russell doesn't have the money to press records, he borrows money from a street hustler. Rick Rubin and almost all of the musical acts played themselves in the movie.It was made in the 1950s and it was probably known as model 234.It has a shackle (or bail) instead of a key ring, the older, triangular type reamer and a clip point small blade. This is a Victorinox pocket knife that is basically an older version of the current Spartan model.Eddie Griffin is Miles Waise, a fast rising nightclub comedian.