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It is my hope that our Customers will help me support Independent Guitar Manufacturers.

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Please take a few minutes to Visit my online store.Can you tell me what year it was made and about what it is worth??It is sunburst, equipped with a gold Guild vibrato and is absolutely beautiful. : : : Is the a link to a site where I can find guild guitar serial numbers, especially the old ones I am in the same boat as you, I have a guild that was manufactured before 1951 and can;t find the information on the serial number.I have the original 12 string guild acoustic guitar from the mamas and papas reunion tour1985/ That was John Phillips ! T.serial # 59661 I would sell for a lot of $ starting at 6,500.00 we were appraised at over 10,000 Hi. Could you help me date this guitar so I can brag about how "vintage" it is?