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The hard reset button is hide inside the A/V Jack, you’ll need to use a long pin to push the button. However, some of us use You Tube to listen to music, radio shows, podcasts, instead of just watching cat videos. Plug in the power (Power Up) Then your android will boot up into the debug mode.This is an easy and very affordable way of turning your TV into an Android Smart TV without having to buy a whole new TV set.Android PCs come in all kinds of different shapes and price ranges.If not, don't worry, Android is extremely user-friendly and its intuitiveness is one of the main reasons so many users before you have chosen for it.Kodi, previously called XBMC is an open source advanced media player that offers access to a wealth of online media for streaming direct to your player.

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So now let me introduce you to two relatively new apps, that you will fall in love with if you like to to You Tube videos with your screen off.

An Android Media Player is basically a PC packed in a much smaller housing.

It comes with a processor, RAM, internal memory, a Wi-Fi receiver, USB inputs, an HDMI connection and as operation system it runs Android.

No long installations, no activations required, and all of that within the familiar environment of Android.

So if you already have an Android Phone or Tablet, you already know how to operate your new Android box.

Fire Tube is a great-looking app that allows you to search for and listen to any You Tube video you want.

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