Hannah murray and joe dempsie dating

19-Jan-2017 15:42

He’s starred in films such as Starred Up, Unbroken, and ’71, and he received the Rising Star BAFTA in 2015.He was last seen alongside George Clooney as Money Monster, and will next star in the Netflix original series “Godless”.Larissa has appeared in Holby City, The Town and Suspects, and now lives with fellow Skins alumnus Joe Dempsie. Will had an impressive theatre career even before Skins, starring in Amadeus, Death of a Salesman and The History Boys.He returned to the theatre and TV to star in Peter Pan and Merlin after leaving Skins, and also starred alongside Domnhall Gleeson in 2014 time travel rom-com About Time.We already knew Cunningham was around — he was spotted hanging out with Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) just yesterday — but it’s good to see Dempsie, Murray and Anderson in the mix.Finally, there was also a glimpse of Jon Snow himself in Belfast.Whether you were in love with Cook or lusting after Effy, your adolescent self was probably so familiar with the Skins cast they may as well have been family.

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Luke hasn’t been dead in the water like his Skins counterpart.Since ditching douchebag footballer Danny, Megan has gone on to to star in Holby City and had an unexpected stint as a professional bodybuilder.She was also ranked #87 in afterellen.com’s Hot 100 Women in 2011 – which is strange, considering her identical twin wasn’t on the list.His most famous role, however, was as tough bastard Gendry in Game of Thrones. After two seasons of playing Tony’s long-suffering girlfriend, April returned to theatre in 2009.

She’s dropped off since then, although she has appeared in Casualty and, ahem, a Wombats music video.His last project was We Are The Freaks, a British comedy set in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s resignation.Mitch starred in Britannia High, but hasn’t starred in much since – except for Take That musical Never Forget in 2009.The 22-year-old was nominated for Best Actress at the TV Choice Awards in 2012 for her role as feisty Mini Mcguinness.