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If alone pick a distinctive point on the ground to mark this point.

The distance from the base of the tree to this point is equal to the height of the tree.

If the tree is growing on the side of a cliff, the base of the tree is at the point where the pith would intersect the cliff side.

Roots extending down from that point would not add to the height of the tree.

The tree whose point total is the highest for that species is crowned as the champion in their registry.

The other parameter commonly measured, in addition to the species and location information, is wood volume.

The base of the stick should still be aligned with the base of the tree.

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Other commonly used parameters, outlined in Tree measurement include height, girth, crown spread, and volume.

First try to view the tree from several different angles to see where the actual top of the tree is located. This will eliminate the greatest potential for error.

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