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29-Sep-2017 08:23

For the last blog post of 2013, it's nice to be able to report on a completed project.

The Hornby bungalow kit is finally painted and a verdant garden has sprung up around the outside.

I am an extreme extrovert who loves a good coffee shop, conversation, art museum or book.

Growing up in the mountains of Salt Lake City, I have an obsession with exploring as many cities as I can with Philip – and now I shakily attempt to bike around Raleigh (where we live) and I’m loving the learning process 🙂 A non-profit called Step Up is where I spend 40 hours of my week helping ex-convicts or marginalized individuals obtain employment and change their life.

Watching the people surround them, witnessing their covenant to one another before God, reminded me just how deep the commitment between man and woman really is.

Phil and Liz didn’t take lightly the weight of commitment they were making, and as a result they turned their attention to Christ, knowing, loving and worshipping His commitment to us first.

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When I walked away from CAM that night, camera bag in hand, the debris of the whirlwind of a day finally settling all around, I was astounded by how Christ-centered Phil and Liz’s day really was.Philip grew up in Barbados while his family was doing mission work there and it has given him a free-spirited, compassionate and honest outlook in life that is so refreshing.He disarms people instantly and loves to be outside – especially on a bike.He proposed to me on a sunny spring afternoon on a spacious, hilly lawn behind the NC Museum of Art.