Hg close branch without updating

05-Jul-2017 19:59

If you've pushed a change to another repository—particularly if it's a shared repository—it has essentially “” and you'll have to recover from your mistake in a different way.

If you push a changeset somewhere, then roll it back, then pull from the repository you pushed to, the changeset you thought you'd gotten rid of will simply reappear in your repository.(If you absolutely know for sure that the change you want to roll back is the most recent change in the repository that you pushed to, you know that nobody else could have pulled it from that repository, you can roll back the changeset there, too, but you really should not expect this to work reliably.

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You can learn more about advanced MQ usage from the reference page, but you should now know enough to be able to use MQ effectively for Mozilla development work. Of course, changes are constantly being pushed to the central repository, so by the time you want to push, you'll be out of date.Users should note, though, that MQ is a powerful tool, and this can also lead to mistakes. For instance, unless you're running the mqext, The output of a developer (on a good day, anyway) is patches.All users are therefore strongly encouraged to read the next section before starting to use MQ. MQ puts you in a position where you're doing fairly complicated stuff to your uncommitted work. The MQ extension lets you treat a stack of patches as works-in-progress.It is very dangerous to pull remote changes while you have MQ patches applied (unless you are using the rebase extension).

Instead, you should pop them all before updating, like so: applying bug-123456-fix patching file extensions/cookie/test/test_Hunk #1 FAILED at 5 1 out of 1 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file extensions/cookie/test/test_rej errors during apply, please fix and refresh patch It turns out that the recent changes to mozilla-central have modified the same files as your bug-123456-fix patch.

You can now qpush your way back to bug-341896-fix if you want to keep working on it, or qnew yourself an entirely new patch to work on!

Now you’ve got two bookmarks essentially a tag for your two branches at the current changeset. To switch to one of these branches you can use hg update feature to update to the tip changeset of that branch and mark yourself as working on that branch. When you commit, it will move the bookmark to the newly created changeset.… continue reading »

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Dave's Visual Guide to TortoiseHg and Mercurial's Named Branches and using TortoiseHg with Bitbucket by Dave Gauer. The three sections of this guide The Basics, Branching, and Bitbucket are intended to be read separately or in aimed at newbies and I've tried to not assume much prior knowledge.… continue reading »

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Hg commit --message "flow Closed feature 'b'. Issue-20" --close-branch flow note hg update develop flow note hg merge feature/b flow note hg commit.… continue reading »

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Create a new branch in a repository containing files. Update your repo to this branch. # Modify an existing file on this branch. # Open Workbench. In the Commit view, **ensure the file you modified is unchecked**, i.e. should not be committed. # Click the Branch button in the commit view and select the "Close current branch" option.… continue reading »

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