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The morning after I felt a small discomfort on my left side just below my rib.

The dr looked and felt but could see or feel nothing. Gradually the discomfort got worse and now is sometimes unbearable.

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Quayle produced some startling insights into the causes of the Los Angeles uprising, such as: “I have been asked who caused the riots and the killing in L. The killers are to blame.” So when Rand Paul went on Laura Ingraham’s radio program to blame Baltimore on black culture and values and "lack of fathers," the libertarian whom Time called "the most interesting man in politics" was merely rehashing 25-year-old mainstream Republicrat bigotries, the very same bigoted, wrong assumptions that led to all the disastrous policies we’re now paying for today. After Ferguson exploded last year, Libertarians positioned themselves as the only political force that had no blood on their hands, the only political force that was “principled” enough throughout the past few decades to offer the right analyses -- and the right solutions -- to the problems faced by people now rising up in Baltimore.Murder is illegal, but does not stop many from doing it.But what the laws do is provide a structure with which to prosecute those that do/use the illegal act/item.century against years of police brutality against minorities, the political establishment responded by doubling down and ramping up all the wrong ideas that are blowing back today in places like Baltimore and Ferguson.