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Peter is a Senior Vice President at Simulmedia and Jessica is a Director at Unilever.

Chelsea and Tom are a married couple from NYC whose third date involved Tom surprising Chelsea with his affinity for karaoke.


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Jealousy ensues as does other naughty little situations. This site and its content are for entertainment purposes only, and not meant to offend anyone or infringe upon anyone's right.

Lizzie is a Manager of Instruction for the General Assembly and Chris is a Senior Counsel at Blue Apron.

Alex and Dylan are a couple from San Francisco who recently got engaged in front of a crowd of 50 people (! Dylan is an Emergency Room Physician and Alex is a Head of Partnerships and Account Management.night at the museum (no, really) when they went to the first-ever sleepover for adults at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

By presenting these numbers, the article negate itself as it is evident that debt servicing numbers during first five months of current fiscal year are in accordance with the budget estimates and are expected to remain within the annual budget estimates.

Therefore, any claim that debt servicing is the reason for higher than budgeted fiscal deficit is not correct.

Even in the developing country peer group, Egypt, Srilanka and India carry higher debt to GDP levels than Pakistan.