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"We gave each guest the option of a trail ride through the ranch with one of our wranglers at some point over the weekend. "Today, the couple manages the guest ranch together, providing cattle drives and trail rides through the Rocky Mountains with a string of mostly Quarter Horses, which are treated "like family."And speaking of family, the couple's son, Wyatt, is now 2 years old.

(You can visit the Smiths' ranch online at )Christy and David: Skip the Horse, Take the Girl A client prodded real estate broker Christy Hartman of Gresham, Oregon, to join Equestrian in 2005.

This eventually led to contact with David De Courcey, a real estate title examiner from Bend, Oregon, who was also a member of the site.

Christy sent him photos of her horse, and the two began corresponding by e-mail and phone."On the phone he was warm, witty, and smart," Christy recalls.

The look in his eyes when he told me he was falling in love with me was when I knew he was ?

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just she and I, and her mother," recalls Dan."Church is a big part of my life," adds Janine, "but I always had a dream of an outside wedding.I told him I wasn't ready, so he went out for breakfast. all dressed up in Western clothes and a cowboy hat and with two-dozen red roses in his hand.The chemistry was there, and it really was love at first sight."They went to see the horse, and wound up driving to the Oregon Coast, "singing crazy songs we both knew by heart, eating great food? Janine and Dan: Married on a Mountaintop Dan Stewart joined Equestrian in about 2001, while he was still in the Air Force.We've all heard about those equestrian-oriented online dating services. To find out, we decided to talk to the folks at Equestrian, the most recognized dating service for horse people worldwide.

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They're part of the increasing specialization of the Internet matchmaking business, which now generates roughly a billion dollars in revenue in the U. Founded in 2001, the Texas-based Web site boasts over 10,000 marriages and success stories around the globe, according to founder Marcia Zwilling.All that evoked a feeling and image that can't be portrayed in a regular conversation."When they did finally connect by phone, they talked for hours, "as if we'd been friends for a long time," says Connie.They also planned a day to meet in person a week later."I'm cautious, so for our first meeting I had my sister in tow, and we all went skiing. he took me horseback riding through the snow all around his ranch."It was a gorgeous, sunny Colorado day in February, and the horses were perfect," she continues."Han packed us a saddlebag lunch and even remembered what I liked to drink. I believe it was the best first date ever because we'd had a chance to get to know each other so well through all those prior e-mails."Connie says she knew things were serious several months later, on another ride."He took me out along a beautiful stretch of the Blue River.