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01-Jan-2018 18:28

Here’s what else you need to know: Tinder Pictures: How To Make Me Swipe Right The Tinder Bio: How To Make Me Swipe Right What’s The Best Tinder Hack?Here’s 10 But anyway, let’s figure out the messaging minefield first.If you wrote a dissertation and the professor gave a random mark and commented “OK”, would you not be frustrated?tinder messages read carefully " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ fit=257,300" data-large-file="https://i2com/ fit=600,700" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-384" src="https://i2com/ resize=600,700" alt="tinder messages read carefully" width="600" height="700" srcset="https://i2com/ is no problem with saying “hey” BUT you need to add to it by following the advice below.Like you did after reading this, I made an effort to write a cool bio meant to engage you and lead you in with a call to action – so fucking be engaged.As a girl, if I get 15 matches in a day, 12 of them will say “hey” and nothing else – I’m not saying you’re stupid or judging you; in fact I completely get this guy’s points.When I talk to people in real life, I start with “hey” 95% of the time. This is the marketplace of tinder and we’re here to get a date, not to blend in with the other 11/15.

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They’ll un-match you (maybe even report you if you send something truly awful…) but why are you afraid of a girl behind a screen?