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She waited tables while auditioning for random acting jobs and doing stand-up on the weekends.

She was broke—for a very long time—relying on her parents and siblings to send her money. I’m 26, borrowing money and waiting tables, partying, not having my act together.

“It’s not going to be a talk show that you usually see,” she says, apologizing that Netflix has forbidden her from revealing more specific details. But each memory is accompanied with a quip about what hard work it was. And I did it so much, four huge tours, that I got good at it and I’m done.

“When I start something new, I’m like, ‘I wonder if I can write a book.’ All right, let’s do that,” she says. I want to get good at other stuff.”In the year and a half since she’s been off TV, she briefly wondered if, after at one point verging on overexposure, she had become irrevelant.

When the waitress finally walks away, she lets out a big sigh and giggles.

“This is like an Oprah Winfrey moment.”In the grand tradition of Ms.

When she was 10, Handler’s brother died while he was hiking the Grand Tetons, a formative experience for the baby of the family and something that, over the years, fiercely bonded the Handlers together.

While most late-night talk show hosts have built likeable personas, Handler is outspoken, brash and racy, just like her edgy comedy brand.

Her combativeness was on display during a very contentious interview with Piers Morgan earlier this year, and she called E! That makes Handler better suited for a cable network or digital platform than broadcast syndication.

She gave it to the Hollywood establishment that was writing her checks, capping off a run on Chelsea Lately noted for her frequent skewering of employer E! ” she says as my Greek yogurt arrives.) But it might not be shocking for much longer.“I feel like there’s a tougher exterior that’s been torn down,” Handler says about herself at one point in her new Netflix documentary series Chelsea Does, a collection of four documentaries hitting the streaming service Saturday.

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by calling the show “seven years of ridiculous stupidity” in its final episode. So for everybody to be constantly speculating about it was super annoying.”So it’s understandable that it’s a little jarring to see that middle finger drying tears on a Monday afternoon as we discuss life post-Lately over brunch. Consider them Handler’s own spin on Anthony Bourdain or Morgan Spurlock—cultural anthropology by way of personal exploration.

And she gives it to everyone who thought she had some responsibility to continue her run as late-night’s only woman by taking over for Dave Letterman, Craig Ferguson, or any of the other men who vacated their late-night seats in the last two years—or assumed that she would even want to.“Annoying,” she says. Like asking me what it’s like to be a woman in late-night. The four documentaries center on hot-button topics—Marriage, Race, Drugs, and Silicon Valley—and feature a mix of interviews (the CEO of Ashley Madison is grilled in Chelsea Does Marriage, Al Sharpton appears in Chelsea Does Race), roundtable conversations with famous friends and even Handler’s family, and confessionals by the comedian herself.

After dodging rumors since November, Chelsea Handler has finally admitted to Piers Morgan that she dated rapper 50 Cent, "very casually." The rapper and the host. Previously Handler dated Ted Harbert, who was made chairman of NBC Broadcasting following the company's ongoing merger with Comcast. The company.… continue reading »

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Apr 27, 2017. Comedian Chelsea Handler serves as the host of a popular late-night talk show, authors best-sellers and does stand-up tours. Learn more. When she was 10, Handler lost her oldest brother. His death. Handler dated Ted Harbert, the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, from 2006 to 2010. Since their.… continue reading »

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May 28, 2014. Chelsea Lately was developed and launched by the previous E! regime led by Ted Harbert when the network was part of Comcast. Chelsea Lately's ratings have slid lately. Between 2010, the year before her last renegotiation with E. and 2013, the show's viewership has dropped 32% to 572,000, with the.… continue reading »

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