How to take it slow when dating

28-Sep-2017 15:39

She mentioned that the last time she felt this sort of passion she got hurt.

Ok, I said I understand and we can take it slow and I certainly don’t want to do anything that’s going to make you uncomfortable.

Specifically, your partner may not be fully able or ready to move your relationship forward at a faster pace because he or she may still be unsure about what he or she’s looking for at this point in his or her life.

To that end, your partner may still want to get to know you better, date other people and/or fully explore his or her options before diving into something more serious with you, and taking things slow grants him or her the freedom to do so.

I should say that we do "make out" but no intercourse.

I have no problem waiting until she is ready for sex, but I would feel much better about it if we were exclusive.

I encouraged my client to not be afraid of making a move physically, and, if his date doesn’t reciprocate, sit her down for a heart to heart.

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) Anyway, I get into the whole bit about how I needed to know where this was going, and we talked for a while about why we hadn’t had sex yet and why she felt like we didn’t know each other.

And if your partner had been hurt in this past relationship and/or has been off the market for some time, it may be even more challenging for him or her to fully open his or her heart to you right off the bat.