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MORE: 13 Definite Signs He’s Not Serious About You And here’s the major lesson: In order for a man to feel truly alive and truly fulfilled, he needs to be pursuing his deepest aspiration and his “mission” in life.

Your ultimate gift as a woman is to inspire him to do that, to realize his ultimate potential as a man.

It can be hard to see if you’re blinded by fears of loss, self-doubt and relationship fantasies that you want to come true… The guy you’re into has to be sexually attracted to you. If he doesn’t feel a sense of biological, physical attraction to you, then nothing else I say will matter. The good news is that some of the most powerful seductresses the world has ever known were not the most beautiful. Too many women kill their attractiveness by walking around with insecurities and no self-esteem because they feel that something about their appearance is flawed and they’ll never be good enough to attract the man they really want.

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Conversely, being insecure is a massive energy drain to you and the people around you.

To put it more bluntly, you must offer something that is much more rare and valuable than sex if you want him to treat you as something important in his life. Ask yourself: what are you bringing to the table beside a physical hookup that he values deeply? Having it isn’t enough to make a relationship and withholding it isn’t enough to cast some kind of “love spell” on a guy (maybe it worked 100 years ago, but withholding sex till X date is just plain obsolete now … Men have a deep unconscious fear that their life, their contribution to the world and their existence is pointless, meaningless, and insignificant.