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good at understanding the reality of relationships, love, and your specific guy.

MORE: Guy Talk: Undeniable Signs a Man Is Ready to Commit In my personal life, I meet all sorts of people. I can spend hours with them, talking about things, laughing about things, and just genuinely enjoying their company.

In my late teens and early twenties, for example, I knew that I wanted a girl that had a hot, fit body and a beautiful face.

Now, in my thirties, I realize how much I value having a woman who really “gets” me …

Sure, that woman might cook him dinners, perform in bed, and tell him how much she likes him, but none of that stuff penetrates a man’s psychology on a deep and meaningful level. When you really understand and master the art of tapping into the deep parts of a man’s psyche, he will want to move mountains to possess you.

MORE: 5 Signs He’ll Never Commit to You Men don’t start out there when they first meet a woman, though.

It can be hard to see if you’re blinded by fears of loss, self-doubt and relationship fantasies that you want to come true… The guy you’re into has to be sexually attracted to you. If he doesn’t feel a sense of biological, physical attraction to you, then nothing else I say will matter. The good news is that some of the most powerful seductresses the world has ever known were not the most beautiful. Too many women kill their attractiveness by walking around with insecurities and no self-esteem because they feel that something about their appearance is flawed and they’ll never be good enough to attract the man they really want.

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Conversely, being insecure is a massive energy drain to you and the people around you.Insecurity stinks of desperation and desperation kill attraction.So change what you can to be sexier and more physically alluring and appealing.I couldn’t see past my attachment to those relationships, though, or past my blind desire to make things work because I didn’t want to fail, I didn’t want to be rejected, and I didn’t want to lose someone.