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When beaver began to disappear in the East, the Mohawks had pushed west into the lands of the Huron.

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Once again, leaving their conquest burning behind them, the Mohawks moved on, this time to the mission village of St. A later generation would use the term “blitzkrieg” to describe similar tactics; a still later one would use the phrase “shock and awe.” To those on the receiving end, the attacks seemed nothing less than a force of nature, overwhelming and inescapable. Mohawk raiding doctrine was founded on speed rather than thoroughness, and in their haste the warriors left survivors behind. Ignace, Jean de Brébeuf and Gabriel Lallemant, awaited the onslaught with them.On April 7, 1648, they reversed their longstanding policy against arming the Indians and traded some 400 long arms to the Mohawks.They knew full well that the warriors would use them against the French-backed Hurons and the French themselves.When it was established in 1639, it was the first non-Indian settlement in what is now Ontario and served as the center for Jesuit missionary operations throughout the region.