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As the chapel leaped into flame, the Mohawks flung Daniel’s lifeless body through its open door.

It was July 1648, less than 20 years since the first European—a French Jesuit, like Daniel—is thought to have set eyes on this part of the Great Lakes region. Joseph (modern-day Port Huron, Michigan) was one of many small villages established along Lake Huron by the Jesuits from France.

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Indeed, the Mohawks were de facto proxy troops against the French and the Huron.

Within months of the arms deal, a thousand Mohawks had cut their hair for war, leaving their scalps bare save for a strip down the middle, three finger widths across, running from forehead to nape. Ignace, a mission village populated almost exclusively by women, children, and old men. Most of its 700 inhabitants evacuated, leaving only about 80 warriors behind, together with those too old or too sick to move.

Inside were Huron Indians—women, children, and old men seeking the refuge he had told them God would provide.

They were soon joined by profit-minded countrymen, traders drawn to the Great Lakes wilderness by the plenitude of beaver, whose fur was extremely popular in Europe. Beginning operations in the East in the 1620s, the Dutch West India Company had found a firm partner in the five tribes of the Iroquois, particularly the Mohawks, who traded beaver fur for goods.

When it was established in 1639, it was the first non-Indian settlement in what is now Ontario and served as the center for Jesuit missionary operations throughout the region.

The 18 men who first arrived raised a roof of birch bark upon pillars of cypress, then built up interior walls with clay.

On April 7, 1648, they reversed their longstanding policy against arming the Indians and traded some 400 long arms to the Mohawks.

They knew full well that the warriors would use them against the French-backed Hurons and the French themselves.Soon, other structures went up, including a chapel, a Jesuit residence, a kitchen, a smithy, and buildings that served traders in furs and other commodities.It was a place to preach, but it was also a living lesson to the Hurons, an example of the ordered life of a European village.THE MOHAWK raiding party that killed Daniel that July day left St. Their slaughter and capture took but a few minutes. Two Jesuit missionaries who had also escaped from St.

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