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E went on to submit a grievance letter to the chair of the trustees, G.E claimed that F engaged in “offensive, threatening and intimidating” behaviour that left her “physically shaking, sick, fearful and frightened”.

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Further, he said that he had been pointing at a list of jobs on a board, and denied swearing at J.

Reports of threatening and/or violent behavior are disclosed only to those accepting the report in order to protect the reporting individual(s) from possible retaliation as well as the alleged offender.

Information regarding such reports is only be provided to individuals with a need to know and as required by the courts and law enforcement agencies.

How should you deal with an employee who engages in allegedly threatening behaviour towards a colleague?

This issue has been considered in two employment tribunal cases.Following a disciplinary hearing, T was found guilty of abusive and threatening behaviour, and was summarily dismissed for gross misconduct. Find out why the claim for unfair dismissal over behaviour during a heated meeting in the workplace was upheld by the employment tribunal.To ensure the safety and security of the University workplace, we are asking that certain guidelines be followed.The executive director of Public Safety will advise the supervisor as to a course of action and will also contact the Office of Human Resources.