Intimidating behaviour in the workplace

09-Jul-2017 05:45

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Reports of threatening and/or violent behavior are disclosed only to those accepting the report in order to protect the reporting individual(s) from possible retaliation as well as the alleged offender.

Information regarding such reports is only be provided to individuals with a need to know and as required by the courts and law enforcement agencies.

J alleged that T shouted at her during this meeting, and repeatedly put his finger up to her face, and that she felt “threatened and intimidated” by his actions.

A witness in an adjoining room, B, said that he heard T swear at J.

T claimed that J was in a bad mood and had acted in an abrupt manner, and that he had become agitated at the way she was behaving.

Any supervisor who becomes aware of, or believes that he/she has witnessed an incident of violent or threatening behavior, or who is the recipient of threatening and/or violent behavior, should report such incident(s) immediately to the Office of Human Resources.

The executive director of Public Safety and the vice president for Human Resources have established a Threat Assessment Group (TAG) which is composed of selected individuals whose responsibility is to review, investigate, and evaluate incidents of threats, threatening behavior and/or acts of violence in the workplace.