Intimidating men attractive

06-May-2017 11:25

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Avoid any gestures that can catch a pretty lady off guard (since she’s still getting to know you).Watch out for the subtlest finger tap or tiling of the neck.But if those are the only elements you work on – you won’t get far.Any man can maneuver his way to finding good shirts, jackets, and pants.

So take the time to discover good colognes for men that the ladies love.Remind yourself every now and then to keep your arms unfolded.It’s about smooth and “open” body language all the time.So don’t underestimate the power of nailing the 3 core components of dressing well. You must also make an effort to pick clothes that send out POSITIVE messages – best describing your status, your lifestyle and personality.

Women seeking a long-term partner are attracted to men who can be good providers – so dressing more “mature” helps if you’re looking to settle down. You may initially impress with a well-fitted blazer and slacks.

And finally, learn the techniques for becoming a more engaging speaker. So fun as it might be to talk engagingly – keep your non-verbal communication in check.