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This command is cleaner than disable, as it removes the item completely instead of hiding it from view. Depending on the actors faction ranking to the Dragonborn will depend on what is seen in their inventory.Use the correct ranking for their current status.) This allows one to add or retrieve items from that actor.In example, typing setfavorstate 1 while having a Guard selected in the command console and clicking on a dropped item, makes that Guard pick-up and automatically equip that item. Also note that the lowest possible value to change the scale, is 0.1, and the highest possible value to change the scale, is 10.00, exactly on the dot. Quest commands Command Effect caqs Complete all Stages of EVERY quest. player.forceav Should be avoided for use, as it overrides game's automatic calculations such as item bonuses, spell bonuses, etc. The default is 75, and the maximum value appears to be 160. Inc PCS Adds object to inventory with any two magic effects (not limited to enchants). player.resethealth Refills the Dragonborn's health instantly. s1st While in third person, the Dragonborn's arms—which would normally only appear in first person—appear behind them, allowing for the Dragonborn to experience first person and third person simultaneously. Player Create Potion Sets the NPC as reference, allowing other commands to be used, good for targeting NPCs that cannot be reached/seleceted on screen or fixing quest glitches about NPCs not appearing. Ranges from 0-1, with stp 0 0 0 0 creating the most vibrant display and stp 1 1 1 1 creating the most black and white display. List of locations accessible only through Console Commands Main article: Not a complete list: Batch Lists Main article: Batch Lists allow one to enter multiple command codes all at once.After issueing a command, typing setfavorstate 0 while a command has not yet been issued or pressed the TAB button will cancel and deactivate the command. setunconscious , similiar to the Equipitem command except it unequips items if it is in one's inventory. player.forceav dragonsouls # Sets the number of the Dragonborn has. Higher numbers allow a wider field of vision, but it can be distorted. player.setav Doing this will allow the Dragonborn's race to be changed without using showracemenu. showracemenu Bring up character customization menu. Magicka, Stamina, and Health will be spread evenly on using this depending on one's character's level. Note: Using TGM command before entering the menu will retain the original levels. qqq Quits the game without going through the menus. Simply open Notepad and type in the console codes needed (one per line) and save it in the game files: Start the game and simply type bat filename. Below is the template for the Riften radiant quests.duplicateallitems Returns the value of given rotational axis (x,y,z) of the target.getav Returns the current value of the specified actor value.

Useful for relocating the Dragonborn or finding items or bodies that have fallen through a wall or floor. Damage Actor Value Lowers the given attribute by the desired amount.

A target may also be selected using the and the target's Reference ID.

Short Code or Prefix Required Short code refers to a code having a short form that can be used interchangeably with the Long form.

Adding a '1' after the ID will make certain items unable to be removed, while '0' keeps them removable as normal. Note: May bug after certain transformations (ex: Werewolf), and revert to original race, or the race that was selected using showracemenu. Set Race , it is possible to become non-human race using this variant i.e. Set Race Dragon Race will transform the Dragonborn into a and capable of using under Dragon voice clip, this variant can also be used on NPCs. Will only modify one's attributes/skills/points/etc. if the race or sex is changed or a preset is selected form the list. (May cause crash.) refini Refreshes settings (does not reset them). Copy and paste this into Notepad (or similar program) then save it in the game files (in this example it will be called "riften"). Bring up the console and type bat riften and press enter.

Modifying cosmetic details such a skin color/warpaint/hair/face shape/etc. player.showinventory Lists all items in the Dragonborn's inventory and their codes. Remove Fac Saves the game over an existing save with the specified name. player.additem 0003ad6a 5 player.additem 0003ad5e 10 player.additem 0003ad6c 1 player.additem 00068523 2 player.additem 0005acde 1 player.additem 0006851e 3 player.additem 000516c8 20 player.additem 0002f44c 20 player.additem 00059b86 20 The Dragonborn will now receive the following items: Bugs This section contains related to Console Commands (Skyrim).disable This will make the target disappear, but still loaded with the cell (see also: Mark For Delete).dispelallspells Removes spell effects such as poisons from the target.Opening the Command Console To open Skyrim's Command Console for cheating, press the tilde~ key just below ESC.

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