Intimidating sports quotes

15-Jul-2017 16:19

Jimmy Carter I am an opponent of war and of war preparations and an opponent of universal military training and conscription; but entirely apart from that issue, I hold that segregation in any part of the body politic is an act of slavery and an act of war. I enjoy commanding the stage with myself and an opponent.It's a different process when you're teammates. We're very unselfish with how we work together in so many different regards.A fighter, a real strong fighter, should always look dignified and calm, and I believe that any expression of aggression is an expression of weakness.A strong person will not be nervous and will not express aggression towards his opponent.He was never a fighter that boasted how great he was inside the Octagon.Hughes just went to work, won fights and walked out with the title.You know, that voice in your head telling you to give up if it gets tough.That's my main opponent - making sure that if your body wants to stop, your mind won't let you. You encourage your opponent to make mistakes so you can capitalise on it.

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When they freeze and you hit, they shatter like glass. It's not the quickest race; it's a marathon.There's an underestimation of your opponent and an overestimation of your own abilities.This is compatible with being rich and powerful, the idea that we were blessed by God because we deserve to be blessed.Plus, when you’re making millions (only to blow it all later on) and smashing tons of groupies (only to have them expose you on Twitter) then you’re bound to be cocky.