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Body language and facial expressions will convey anger or disapproval.

When no words are offered as to explanation, the child will incorporate these “looks” into their unconscious and associate them with meanings.

Patrick Hamilton’s psycho-thriller play, Gas Light, the male lead embarks on a plot to destroy the sanity of his wife.

We allow travesties of injustice all the time because they emotionally charge us.Crazy making is the simplest way to express this form.It is often the most sadistic form carried out with a sophisticated process with great deliberateness.This tactic is always a favored one in circumstances where you have blamer’s, bullies, and power seekers; like authoritarian families and totalitarian governments.

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In the modern era, the Mc Carthy Era style of “guilt by accusation” was an example and dark warning of how effective verbal abuse can draw other fearful and hateful abusers together in a quest to diminish another.

In fact, the whole usefulness of the Inner Child concept is to understand where one was victimized when helpless was present and bleeding out into the present.