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usually associated to “I’m bad”, “I’m unwanted” etc.

Silence, ignoring, and otherwise non-presence is also a signal of psychological infliction of pain by withholding any interaction whatsoever.

This tactic is always a favored one in circumstances where you have blamer’s, bullies, and power seekers; like authoritarian families and totalitarian governments.

In the modern era, the Mc Carthy Era style of “guilt by accusation” was an example and dark warning of how effective verbal abuse can draw other fearful and hateful abusers together in a quest to diminish another.

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To abuse someone emotionally often rests on the betray of a trust.

by Stephen Cocconi – Channeling Michael – 1996-2012 Abuse is a vague word.

It is vague because there are so many ways in which it can be perpetrated.

The bully mentality is at the top of the list for these behaviors.

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Abuse is about stealing power psychically from another person. This list is meant to illustrate the many ways that we callously and quite commonly hurt one another.

Slander and defamation laws leave are useless when media “reports” these things as “news” and something “they said”.

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