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08-Oct-2017 10:35

The bad thing is acknowledging, to the and your mom and dad and your dates and God, and anyone else who might judge you for it, that you're keeping this spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet-keeping woman in her 30s who at one point was dating 5 to 10 guys at a time had this to say: "Out of respect for the likely many people you are in correspondence with when online dating, not to remember needing to remember pet names, brother is a twin, where they went to school, etc., a spreadsheet is a helpful tool for everyone involved.

But if a spreadsheet helps, let daters have the spreadsheet.

David Merkur is suddenly the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with the crass world of online dating.

She also included email addresses, phone numbers, and "red flags" that could be deal-breakers "to keep organized and objective about things where possible." As for Merkur's spreadsheet, she remarked, "Because he is a guy, he had a whole photo evaluation and hotness ranking system, which to me is a waste of time, because as soon as you meet in person you will know how attractive you find them." However, she says his biggest mistake was talking about the spreadsheet on a date and sending it to her: "He probably liked her and was showing off and trying to make her think she was 'special,' but sharing the spreadsheet was ill-advised at best."exist, we also really don't like thinking that the people we're dating are doing any of that sort of thinking at all.

We want people to go in without the complications that make them human, the petty desires and shallow needs and manipulations, and to fall hopelessly, madly, non-spreadsheetedly in love, and to forget about all else (assuming we feel the same way—if not, they're creepy).

(You'd imagine, if ever he'd focused on one of these women, he wouldn't have had to do this.) His biggest mistake, however, along with being an investment banker the trendy occupation to hate-love to hear such tales about, was sending the spreadsheet to one of his dates.

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Over drinks, Merkur told her about his spreadsheet. op-eds like "Real men can close the deal without opening Excel," op-eds clearly part of the problem rather than the solution—if we're going to judge a spreadsheet, let's judge the term "deal-closing." And who's to say what "real men" can or can't do? A common sentiment we hear in response to such stories—remember the girl who was fishing, essentially, for free dinners via dates? —is how awful it is to keep a spreadsheet of your dates. Fair point: It's awful to send your spreadsheet to your date or dates.The spreadsheet brings us back to a reality in which people are more complicated, have more complicated lives, and maybe, have motivations other than simply wooing one particular person purely.But the idea that love is not, in some ways, "business," or at least, is more than simple, pure feelings emanating from our perfect, pure hearts, well, that's an idea that the movies want us to believe.It’s not the worst thing in the world to also invite off duty prostitutes or models.

A data-driven investment banker kept a detailed spreadsheet of 12 women he was chasing. texting and dating several women at the. New York Post.… continue reading »

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