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The three southern towers, which are wings of a single integrated structure sharing a five-story "crown", house the city's Criminal and Supreme Courts, city offices and various departments, including the headquarters of the Department of Corrections. With the separate address of 125 White Street, the northern tower was officially named the Manhattan House of Detention for Men (MHD), although still referred to popularly as The Tombs.By 1969 the Tombs ranked as the worst of the city's jails, both in overall conditions and in overcrowding.The building connected to the 1892 Manhattan Criminal Courts Building with a "Bridge of Sighs" crossing four stories above Franklin Street.

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corrections commissioner from 1998–2000 before becoming police commissioner.As it also housed the city's courts, police, and detention facilities, The Tombs' formal title was The New York Halls of Justice and House of Detention.Some regarded it as a notable example of Egyptian Revival architecture in the U.Despite that promise, Mayor John Lindsay had the prisoners identified as primary troublemakers shipped upstate to the state's Attica Correctional Facility, an act that likely contributed to the Attica Prison riot about a year later.