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12-Jan-2018 09:19

It’s not just conversation that makes this a turn off either. Very few couples are interracial, and of those that progress to marriage, the overwhelming majority are actually between a Japanese man and a foreign women (source).

If a foreigner guy’s language doesn’t progress with the relationship, he’ll have to rely on her progressively for understanding all sorts of issues: visas, taxes, healthcare, education, your haircut, ordering your food, her holding his hand to cross the street… Of Japanese women who get married, 1.3% marry a foreigner (source).

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Instead, Japanese uses combinations of numerals which add and/or multiply to the number being written.

This isn’t to suggest that parental disapproval is the norm (although there are some horror stories), nor is it to say racism is rampant, but sometimes there are some old-fashioned attitudes in regards to relationships.

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