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'The Comps' was a large and extremely busy department.

Note near the ceiling the little black box with four coloured light-bulbs, used as a paging system to summon managers to the front office or the telephone.

(From the Sun archives) Photo Leslie Hodge's apprenticeship indentures. Workers gather for a photo outside Rembrandt Intaglio Printing Co., in West Norwood, London. So did many photos of production departments at the Watford works. Blocks of engravings, ready for packaging, are lined up on a bench furnished with a weigh-scale, a glue pot, balls of cord, and labels reading 'Press Blocks - Urgent', 'Bristol', 'Ex Paddington', 'Ex St Pancras', and so on.

Signed on October 5, 1920, by directors Edward Hunter and J. Hughes and by first company secretary John Edwards, the indentures accept Leslie Hodge as an apprentice of Sun Engraving. (Bill) Compton, and William Cartwright; front row: Fred Thorne, William (Berko) Monger, Jack Wheatley, Eddie Hutton, A. The man in the middle row, second from left, was a carpenter. (From the Sun archives) Photo Inside head office, Milford House, London, July 6, 1929. (From the Sun archives) Photo A Sun Engraving executive office, Milford House, London. At centre front is a small apparatus, complete with bobbin, that might be a stitcher, and beside it are covers for a book entitled His Private Life. (From the Sun archives) Photo A Sun office, Watford, c. On the table, a copy of a Carters Seed catalogue and sheets of a fashion spread (likely for Weldon's).

Ltd, Farringdon Street, London, where the firm occupied the 'shop' with a room or two at the back; top right: Anglo Engraving Co.

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The two women in work smocks are looking over an issue of The Sphere. This Sun Engraving promotional piece reproduces on its cover a J. Shepherd illustration whose reproduction is, according to the text, 'wonderfully true to the original. This photo comes from a promotional brochure published shortly after Sun Engraving moved to Watford.

(Courtesy of Alan Hodge) Photo Sun Engraving's victorious football club, 1921-22. Photographed after winning the Printers' Cup for 1921-22 were, back row: Frank Kirby, William Brunt, T. Behind Mr Bell, in cap and overalls, is Mr Waterman, who moved to the Sun as a chargehand, working on the letterpress machine that printed the insides of catalogues for which photogravure covers were fed in. (From the Sun archives) Photo A Sun Engraving advertisement.