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This does not mean, however, that the adult Superman attends weekly church services (he does not).If asked if he is a Methodist, the adult Superman would not answer "no," but he would defer answering such a pointedly denominational question by suggesting that he respects people of all faiths and backgrounds and considers himself a servant of all humanity.As an adult, Superman has been depicted many times praying. #s 848-849 (June-July 2007, written by Fabian Nicieza) proivde a good overview of many of Superman's feelings about religion in contemporary comics. The very gods who were worshipped for centuries by countless thousands . "Black Canary." Larry was killed trying to protect his wife from an attack by the space-creature Aquarius.) [Image source: comic book panel posted at Elliot S!Not only does this two-part story explicitly point out that Superman attended weekly church services with his mother at a Protestant church in Smallville until the time he was fourteen years old, this story also reveals many other thoughts Superman has about religion. Jarod Dale, a super-powered Protestant missionary), Superman thinks to himself ( Later in this same story, Superman seeks advice from an old friend: Barbara Johnson, a devout Protestant woman who runs the Community Angels Outreach Center in Metropolis, and he prays that Jarod Dale and his family will make the right choice about what to do next ( questions. Maggin was the principal scriptwriter for DC Comics' Superman titles during the 1970's up until the mid-1980's. Luthor is Jewish (though non-observant, thank heaven).With the publication of Maggin also said that Superman adheres to "a Kryptonian-based belief system centered on monotheistic philosophy." There is widespread agreement that, based on the lack of any depiction of congregational membership or church activity in his comic stories, Superman has not been a regular churchgoer as an adult.

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As is often the case with a character or franchise of extraordinary longevity, Superman has been reconceived multiple times ("retconned" in comic book parlance).

It is over one hundred thousand words full of action, characterization, and plot sculpting. Instead of Superman's rocket ship crash landing in the wheat fields of Kansas, Superman: Red Son details his landing on a Soviet collective farm somewhere in Ukraine.

Instead of being , he is raised during the cold war with an appreciation for Karl Marx and a devotion to Comrade Stalin.

For example, popular comic book writer Mark Millar () has written that Superman is a Methodist.

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Curt Swan, one of the best-known and most influential Superman artists, was raised Presbyterian but also attended Methodist churches while growing up (see:

Although possibly not "canonical" at the time that Maggin gave this interview, this notion appeared already to have widespread support and subsequently grew in popularity.

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