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07-Jun-2017 09:17

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The two dated for a good amount of time before they decided to split.

Not much about the tenure of their love and the demise of it was revealed, as this musician is strict when it comes to maintaining privacy.

The friendships our band once had were no longer existent." He closes the statement by saying he didn't intend "to belittle or disgrace" his former bandmates and that he simply wanted "to clarify our decision for leaving and our desire to finally tell you guys the truth." He also adds that both he and his brother were trying to figure out "a friendly way to leave our part of Paramore intact." He closes the letter by saying, "We want to thank you guys for all of your love and support over the past seven years.

It's been an honor creating and playing music for you.

For the past year, it hasn't seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore ...However, he has not opened up about his current love life.The situation makes people assume that he is single and is busy with his band, or perhaps, he is dating someone on the low key.Zac Ferro is someone who people love and respect a lot. Zach Ferro does not prefer opening up about his love life and his personal life in the public.

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But amidst the love of his fans and admirers, does he have a special one to call a girlfriend? But we all know that he was once in a dating relationship with Emily Patty.

"All the while we still questioned whether or not we were an actual band, but Hayley continued to insist we were, despite our being ignored and pushed around by the label. would constantly threaten to 'pull the plug' on the whole band if we complained about anything, suggesting that we were hired guns and Hayley was the real artist, when in reality we were also part of the band.