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24-Jan-2018 03:41

Article: Park Hyo Shin and Jung Ryeo Won's dating rumors, "Preparing for marriage" Source: TV Report via Naver 1.

they really look good together, JRW and KRW have beautiful faces.. I believe that Jesus is still telling stories through her - and other Korean actors and actresses! Good luck and may you have many more success and dramas. She has lips and nose quite different like Korean women, she is tooo beautiful but act so great in witch at court, she does not think about her image as beautiful one, she keeps doing great on the image as prosecutors I'm so thankful for Jung Ryeo-Won - thankful for her passion and service of being such a wonderful actress!Korean media outlet Xports News reported that the alleged couple met through a mutual friend and has been dating for a year.

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The source also explained that the 2 stars grew close due to similar interests in arts and that they were spotted on a date at a cafe in Shinsa-dong, Gangnam a few days ago.

[ 7, -1] Really unexpected but they match well ㅋㅋㅋ I do hope they end up getting married!

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