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24-Jan-2018 03:41

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However I have to say her 2 movies 'Two faces of my Girlfriend and 'Castaway on the Moon' have left a lasting and laughing impression on me. Her down to earth personality blends so well with her beauty making her amazingly beautiful.

So today when I read news of her confirmed casting in 'Greasy Melo' on AW with Jang Hyuk and Junho it's like 'Life is Beautiful' Rock on May! Want Salaryman to be 100% in ratings and to be the beast drama of year 2012. I started to be crazy about you when I watched "two faces of my girl friend".

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Good luck and may you have many more success and dramas. She has lips and nose quite different like Korean women, she is tooo beautiful but act so great in witch at court, she does not think about her image as beautiful one, she keeps doing great on the image as prosecutors I'm so thankful for Jung Ryeo-Won - thankful for her passion and service of being such a wonderful actress!Article: Park Hyo Shin and Jung Ryeo Won's dating rumors, "Preparing for marriage" Source: TV Report via Naver 1. [ 104, -8] She dated so many different people and now what's up with this random combination 4. Taekwondo master Kang Dong-joo's (Uhm Tae-woong) biggest pleasure is buying lottery tickets in hopes of one day hitting the jackpot.