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22-Apr-2017 12:35

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Adrien Brody and his longtime love Lara Lieto were also in attendance at the party.

They kept the night going at Delilah later in the evening.

He was once spotted sharing a bottle of wine with Jason Segel's ex-girlfriend Bojana Novakovic in June.

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When we look through Keanu Reeves relationships there are different things said by people like he has dated Lynn Collins, Diane Keaton, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, Martha Higareda and Winona Ryder.

Meanwhile, his date's face was not concealed and she was photographed giving a smile.

Keanu looked disheveled as he stepped out on his date.

The famous multi-talented Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is also a director-producer and musician. The superstar actor for the hit action-packed Si-Fi Keanu Reeves, and Jennifer Symes met each other at a party in 1998 and fell in love.

She holds a successful professional career and but unfortunately, he has his share of misfortunate personal life. But the relationship between them was never public.A photo of the 51-year-old sporting baggy pants and a bushy beard was also shared by Daily Mail.The actor tried to go incognito with a red cap worn over his long hair.Along with that Reeves was also rumored to have many other girlfriends but there is no any evidence to prove it.