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The yurt was the traditional movable, tentlike home of the nomadic Kyrgyz, and it is still used today as the herding economy continues in the country.

The yurt is a strong symbol of national identity -- the design of Kyrgyzstan's flag is based on the structure's circular smoke opening.

back to top Modern Kyrgyzstan is located on the Silk Road, the ancient and medieval trade route linking East and West.Within its seven provinces, or oblasts, the country's climate ranges from polar in the Tien Shan mountain range to subtropical in the southwestern Fergana Valley.Kyrgyzstan is home to the world's largest natural-growth walnut forest. So search the 100,000's of online singles seeking family-oriented matches for love, romance and marriage.

and People The Kyrgyz Republic is located in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan is a multiethnic state with a population of 4,892,808. The nation is 65 percent ethnic Kyrgyz, 18 percent Russian, 13 percent Uzbek, 2.5 percent Ukrainian, 2.4 percent German and 11.8 percent of other national origin.