La corda doro dating sims game

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Here is her personal blog for those who can read Japanese, and her listing of complete works is on the 著作リストpage: This is her page on Amazon Japan showing her complete works that are available for purchase in Japanese: There’s not much out there in English on her particularly, but maybe if I have some extra time I’ll do a quick profile of her on my affiliate blog and get some more info for you.

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After class, he goes to the practice room with other music student, but today he doesn’t have his violin and needs to go pick it up after school.The game was originally created by Yuki Kure, who also drew the manga version.They hired an experienced novelist, Megumi Fujino, to write the books for the franchise; she was reported to have won the Junior Adventure Fiction Award in 2003 for one of her first books, and she writes for both children and adults.It’s a fun series, full of Western classical music of course, and I suspect that the main character of Kahoko is as bland in the books as in the series, functioning more as a Mary Sue, but we’ll see.