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Mulder: [voiceover] The conquest of fear lies in the moment of its acceptance.

"Mulder: Well, the press called the murderer "The Slash Killer." His three victims were all young women aged twenty-five to thirty. He would carve the word "SISTER" on their chests and paint it on the wall with their blood.

Melissa Scully: I don't have to be psychic to see that you're in a very dark place. Willingly walking deeper into darkness cannot help her at all. I mean, unless there was a neon sign saying "Dig Here" --Mulder: Well, on a basic cellular level, we're the sum total of all our ancestors' biological matter. Mazeroski: There's something I think you ought to see first. They're followers of a guy named Odin that moved out here from California three years ago and bought a ranch. well, I think that you're going to find it all comes from the same root source. And of the events that occurred at Mount Avalon between the 11th and 13th of November, 1994, mine stands as the only record. We're talking about revisiting the very origin of the earth, peering into the fire where it all began - a human endeavor more important even than man's exploration of space. We had seven rapes here last year by high school boys. this, this business of the kids being found in the woods... Scully: I'm talking about an environmental reason behind what's happening there. Who knows what's breeding behind the walls or in the sub-structure.

That he could be perceived as invisible is a logical leap for me.But his occasional insubordination is in the end, far less dangerous. And those who knew of it, will deny knowledge of its existence. Actually, the idea was presented to Hale one night. The longer you do, the more chance he's not going to kill anybody. Right now, you’re heading in a direction that can lead them right here. Agent Mulder believes strongly that the suspect in this case is escalating toward this action.Deep Throat: Well, it was the most interesting project. Back in the early fifties, during the height of the cold war, we got wind the Russians were fooling around with Eugenics. Trying to crossbreed their top scientists, athletes... while he was playing billiards, an elf climbed in his window and told him to get money from the Rockefeller Foundation for a telescope. We stop to do a Freudian analysis, next thing we know, we've got four dead hostages. This piece of metal that they took out of Duane Barry, it has some kind of code on it. it's almost as if somebody was using it to catalog him... It is my opinion from reading these case files that death fetishism may play a stronger role than suspected in cases of serial murder. "Did their home life mold them into creatures that must maim and kill, or are they demons from birth?

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