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As proof, family marriages have survived a spouse losing all the tobacco crop money in a poker game at the club. Does this make my family one of incredibly forgiving people, or is it solely their aversion to the shame they associate with divorce? I’d like a drink, but it’s too early and I’m riding my bike, getting much needed exercise.I wonder, more than I’d like to, what deep roots and archaic traditions of my upbringing are still buried way, way in the back of my mind. I date and go to the beach and from 9 to 5 everyday I work to save the environment, from all kinds of horrible people threatening the food we eat, the very air we breath. Unsteadily, I turn into the parking lot of a coffee shop.I was raised to want a ring on my finger and to keep it there.It’s unheard of in my family of Virginia and North Carolina cousins for anyone to ever get divorced.Bette, on the other hand, while I was pregnant with our first baby, had been pushed a mile too far down the road by the bigot-in-chief, Faye what’s her name.It had unspooled itself – their final showdown – in a very public manner, with what felt like loaded pistols pointed at each other’s brains. I’d felt it break with mine, while I’d lost my mind on the floor of our bedroom.

I push open the door to the cafe and the barista, with rings in her nose and a spike in her tongue – a being so foreign my family would turn heel, run and never order – pours me an iced mocha with a shot of espresso.Hours later in rough air over Pennsylvania, she’d bounced awake.Looking over my paperback I’d welcomed her back with a smile. ” I distinctly remember saying crammed into the small toilet space with her near the front of the airplane.Suspecting I guess, they’d be just as awful to her as her father had been to me, and when, she’d finally accepted the fact – that he really was dying – she’d made certain he was going to do it right in front of her.

Taking his last breaths, he’d said his final words, surprisingly to me, “Take care of my baby, Tina. Leaving me to wonder how strange it was, living in the gayest part of West Hollywood, that we had these kinds of skeletons in our closet.After I’d been dating her for six months, she’d invited me on a trip to New York.My answer had been breezy, while inside I’d set off fireworks.I do want hers as the wedding ring on my finger and I want it soon.