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Suspecting I guess, they’d be just as awful to her as her father had been to me, and when, she’d finally accepted the fact – that he really was dying – she’d made certain he was going to do it right in front of her.

Taking his last breaths, he’d said his final words, surprisingly to me, “Take care of my baby, Tina. Leaving me to wonder how strange it was, living in the gayest part of West Hollywood, that we had these kinds of skeletons in our closet.

And after we lost the baby that horrible night, and now, last week when, my God, it felt too close. I’m not going to push her to suit up and go back to work.

No, not yet, I want her home with me, watching over us.

Am I hiding out in the land of ’anything goes,’ because for me, it’s more comfortable?

To her credit, Bette has never asked much about them.

Hours later in rough air over Pennsylvania, she’d bounced awake.

Looking over my paperback I’d welcomed her back with a smile. ” I distinctly remember saying crammed into the small toilet space with her near the front of the airplane.

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Then champagne that had bubbled somewhere over Utah and she’d threaded her fingers through mine and had announced she was going to close her eyes…for a minute, if that was okay?Then I imagine the line going dead or them taking the first Delta flight out of Raleigh to give me a good old fashioned talking to.Or worse, trying some kind of Protestant intervention.Bette’s final punch and the humiliation Faye had shot back, all captured by the glaring lights of television. It must feel very differently when the enemy’s blade is right against your throat, but Bette hadn’t choked. Where my howling grief had never caused her to flinch or loosen her hold on me one inch.

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Feb 2, 2004. Even the women in “Sex and the City,” whose sexuality sometimes seems cartoonish, occasionally go home alone after a date, but although the women in “The L Word” do have their. These two women, Tina and Bette Laurel Holloman and Jennifer Beals, are longtime partners who want to have a baby.… continue reading »

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Apr 26, 2017. It's a tale I've spun gladly. I date and go to the beach and from 9 to 5 everyday I work to save the environment, from all kinds of horrible people threatening the food we eat, the very air we breath. It was so natural, as if running the scales on a piano, how I went from straight to bi to falling in love with Bette.… continue reading »

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