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04-Feb-2017 05:08

So this past weekend I was visiting my sister, who is a Young Women leader in her ward, and she showed me this skit that they did for their New Beginnings. Apparently it is from Sugardoodle, but I couldn’t find a writing credit, unfortunately.

Heck, I couldn’t find a title.) It is about the Value Heroes–Lady Faith, Diva Divine Nature, Individual Worth Woman (“My worth goes to INFINITY AND BEYOND!

” (I am not going to divulge all my mistakes here, but we were not perfect, try as we might)I was impressed with what the stake pres said–something to this effect–“we don’t want to give you the wrong idea–like sex is bad–there is nothing bad about sex–it is good, you just have to live those laws by the bounds that the Lord has set today. And of course the internet, which we can’t be without today, but of course, the evil deceiver will use this for his evil intents as well. He also advised all the youth to get a temple recommend–the limited one–that will show they are worthy to do baptisms.

Waiting until marriage.” I’ve talked about sex with my kids in a similar manner. He never leaves the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve alone. Go to the Internet and look up the words to the songs your kids listen to. He asked that Bishops be available to interview, and kids to carry it with them and use it for family history and when traveling with their families. I would love to go to the Nauvoo Temple, take my 15 year old and do some family baptisms.

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Seriously, especially when talking about chastity treats are a huge help. Also here is link to a really wonderful handout idea. Maybe they did it on a week night with just the youth. And to tell you the truth, I can’t remember our last Stake ever having one.Dates involving groups tend to work best for starters, because there is always a conversation going.

When selecting friends for a group date, be sure to include at least one outgoing individual who will help get the conversation rolling. Be sure to leave yourself time to enjoy your outing.Also, please don’t show that one video from the 80’s about a girl who violated the law of chastity.(It was personally kind of traumatic when I first saw it, and I’ve kept the law of chastity all my life.) Do This Instead This lesson should really be a message of love.Whether they willingly violated it, or were a victim of manipulation or abuse, the student would most likely be feeling an equal amount of shame and hurt no matter what their situation.