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08-Oct-2017 07:48

Preferred stocks combine features of equity and debt: Whether a preferred stock behaves more like a stock or a bond depends upon its contractual features.For example, the price of a preferred stock that can be “converted” into common stock will move in line with the common stock price if the common stock trades at a value higher than the conversion price.

In other words, a share of preferred stock might have a warrant giving the preferred shareholder the right to purchase a share of common stock for a fixed price for a specific term of time.

Common stock shareholders then receive any cash remaining.

Preferred shareholders receive full payment of their investment before common shareholders receive any payment.

Similarly, preferred shareholders receive dividends before any common stock dividends are paid.

The first preferred stocks were issued by railroad companies and canals in the mid-1800s.An argument in favor of participating preferred stock is that if a company is sold shortly after the investment, the founders may receive a significant return on their investment (since they have typically paid a much lower price than holders of preferred stock) while the holders of preferred stock may receive little or no return on their investment, particularly where the liquidation preference is 1x.A counter-argument is that if a company is sold for a high price, the holders of preferred stock have no incentive to convert their shares into common stock and, as a result, are able to “double-dip” into the proceeds by receiving both the preference amount and the participation proceeds.However, participating preferred then participates on an “as converted to common stock” basis with the common stock in the distribution of the remaining assets.

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