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Brandon was the last Walsh to leave his family's iconic home in Beverly Hills.

Brandon, akin to Andrea, would always hold a high standard of morality, at times coming off as moral righteousness or superiority, but would learn from these mistakes and admit his wrongs.

Andrea Zuckerman Kelly Taylor (ex-fiancée)Emma Bennett (brief affair)Tracy Gaylian (ex-girlfriend)Susan Keats (ex-girlfriend)Valerie Malone (kissed)Emily Valentine (ex-girlfriend)Clare Arnold (fling)Lucinda Nicholson (fling/affair)Nikki Witt (ex-girlfriend)Brooke Alexander (dated)Tricia Kinney Sandy Marcie Lydia Leeds Karla Montez Melissa Coolidge Sarah Marianne Moore Sheryl (ex-girlfriend) A largely virtuous and ethical character, Brandon gained numerous admirers throughout the course of the series.

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After his initial difficulties with Beverly Hills, Brandon became loved by many and liked by all.This made Diggins the first American to take four World Championship medals in cross-country skiing.Diggins finished third overall in the 2017–18 Tour de Ski, becoming the first American to finish on the podium in the overall classification, and beating her previous best of fifth overall in the previous edition.seniors Brandon returned to work at the Beverly Hills Beach Club for a second summer as the turmoil surrounding Dylan and Brenda's doomed relationship continued.

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However Brandon found his own companion in Brooke Alexander, though he would later break up with her over political differences and racial issues.When she attempts suicide, she was checked into a clinic and Brandon went to visit her.During the year, Brandon confronted his cousin, Bobby Walsh, who was in a wheelchair because of a skiing accident in which Brandon felt responsible. He also briefly fell for an ice skater, Tricia Kinney, before she had to leave Los Angeles to continue her career.At the 2017 Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland, Diggins took two medals: in the freestyle sprint, she won her quarter-final and semi-final heats on her way to taking the silver, ahead of team-mate Randall in third.