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13-Oct-2017 00:22

Jonathan Bennett Gay Proof: In an earlier post, we mentioned that Nathaniel Buzolic casually (and unintentionally) mentioned that Jonathan is gay [see Nathaniel Buzolic Shirtless].

The two are friends so Nathaniel must know whereof he speaks.

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Contrary to what some people believe, being straight isn't something to be ashamed of either.So did dancing queen Hough make a misstep—or did we just not get the memo that Bennett is already out?Either way, we still hold a secret fantasy that Aaron Samuels ends up with Damian.It makes it harder and harder for people to say "I don't know anyone who is gay" or "All gay people are like this." And when minds change, so does our culture.

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Case in point: Republican Senator Rob Portman, who embraced marriage equality after his own son came out as gay.

people telling me that he was gay and out ("I did shots with him at a gay bar in We Ho last year! But when you're a public figure like Bennett, if you've never said the words "I'm gay" or, as many stars have done in recent years, have never publicly discussed or referenced a partner or date of the same sex, you're not out.