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As with most animals with one-track minds, Padfoot often suffered from selective deafness, and he blithely continued hurtling towards the bench.

Chasing cats and children at football matches seemed to be his hobby.

The rain offered soft background music as it whispered down, spattering Remus's tartan umbrella delicately.

The man's answering smile was bitter as he stood up, still under the shelter of Remus's brolly."I'm not fussed," he replied, "but thank you anyway." Remus studied the angel's plinth, reading the name ."I'm not even considered," the man spat suddenly, having followed Remus's gaze."It's as if I was never born."Remus looked at him, startled.

Suddenly, Padfoot stopped, nose pointed like a gundog's towards one of the benches, and took off, one where a young man with a leather jacket sat reading a magazine, with what looked like a wolf lying at his feet.

Padfoot had the social skills of a tank in Tiananmen Square."Padfoot!

"It's certainly not your fault." His voice stuttered somewhat.

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