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20-Aug-2017 07:03

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“[In] the military you have a young population on the web. But the low-priced car never arrives and the easy-to-find apartment they've rented is already occupied. “It’s especially despicable it’s directed at our service members at a time they’ve been risking their lives for us overseas for several years,” Petraeus said.

has the most robust and powerful military in the world, and though its fighting men and women can win wars, they often appear defenseless against popular online scams. Service members are targeted by websites that claim to offer special military discounts on everything from cars to apartments for rent. civilians under the same guise of patriotism, Christopher Grey, spokesman for the U. Scammers prey on the victims’ “kindness, patriotism and (sometimes) romance,” which compromises the good name of the military, Grey explained.

“It’s very difficult to track these people down so we feel prevention is the cure.” Following are some of the most common military Internet scams, according to Grey and Petraeus: Online Dating Scams: These are the latest and most popular to hit the web.

Scammers, usually out of Ghana or Nigeria steal identities of real soldiers on social networking sites like Facebook and My Space and pose as military members.

“We discussed plans for the future,” 39-year-old Golding said.Similarly, others offer military members a special discount for serving their country.More disturbingly, the scammers are offering low-priced vehicles because a U. military member who died in combat owned the vehicle and the family wants to get rid of it fast.They get caught up on these Internet scams, specifically targeted to them,” said Holly Petraeus, director of the Better Business Bureau’s military line and the wife of Gen. “To have somebody pick their pocket here at home is completely unacceptable.” Unacceptable ... “The majority of these scam artists come from African countries ... They set up a scam, work in a cyber café, and then move.” “They can take their website down and open up another one the next day.” Petraeus said. S Army Criminal Investigators Office becomes aware of an online military scam, they have to hand the case over to the country where the crime is committed, Grey said.

In the past year there has been a surge of criminals posing as military members on online dating sites, forming relationships with women and ultimately asking for money.

Some even make wedding plans before disappearing with the money.

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