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From there, these materials are shaped and reinforced to meet the specifications of the custom or catalog design our customer has chosen.

The flexibility of Union Metal's manufacturing process provides our customers with nearly unlimited options for their lighting solutions.

We design, manufacture, and provide aluminum and steel products for a wide range of applications, and ensure that each one is sturdy, flexible, and appealing enough to earn the name Union Metal.

The highest-grade raw materials — American steel and aluminum — are selected for our process, and then engineered for enhanced physical characteristics.

Just bring yourself, some comfy clothes, and your ID if you plan to drink.

the bands that created heavy metal developed a thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness.

A copper knife handle depicting a couple having sex and an animal bone carved into the shape of a penis with wings are among thousands of artefacts unearthed across Britain by amateur treasure hunters.

The finds, reported in 2011 and dating back between 1,600 and 2,000 years, also include a copper bust of a bare-chested man - thought to be Antinous, the male lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian - and an unusual silver and gold brooch in the shape of a leaping dolphin.

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We serve an industry trusted to enhance the safety, convenience, and enjoyment of millions of people across the country.blues dance every Tuesday at Peter's Pub in Oakland from 9pm to midnight.Blues is a social dance, which means you don't have to come with a partner - everyone dances with everyone.Read More Posted by admin on Apr 5, 2018 Death metallers LIK from Stockholm, Sweden have just released the 2nd single taken off their new album, 'Carnage', to be released May 4th via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of 'Equilibrium', the new single, 'Manimal', can be heard now.

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Read More Posted by admin on Apr 3, 2018 Irish Pagan Metal Gods Primordial have just released their new album, 'Exile Amongst The Ruins'.While experts can't be certain it is of Hadrian's lover Antinous, the hairstyle closely matchs other statues that are known to be of him.The practice of amateur treasure hunters searching for artefacts in England and Wales is controversial, with some critics arguing it could lead to potential archaeological sites being disturbed and the loss of provenance information.Now the band has released a video in which singer A. Nemtheanga talks about the lyrical content of each track on the album.