Military rank dating back to napoleon

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He was assigned to the 2nd quartermaster department of Le Havre, but at first he was sent to Rouen military clerk. Already a well-known writer, Guy said: "I saw a lot of funny things and funny girls in those days, when engaged in rowing.

March 20, 1872 in Paris, Maupassant joined the service for the supply of the fleet, but he soon realized that the office of the ministry is the same cabal that military service. As a strict mentor, played one of his mother's an outstanding writer Gustave Flaubert, author of unsurpassed, "Madame Bovary." In his spare time, Guy rushes to the Seine. It was happiness: a girl, every time another, and true to the boat, and old friends ... I was, I did not have a penny, and now I am a person's position and I can throw at any minute a big freak the amount.

Great is the trouble, I am proud, I despise most every middle class.

Hallelujah, I have syphilis, therefore, I am not afraid of catching it.

Before Gustav and Laura separated, they often came to rest in Etretat, a village on the shores of the Channel. It is here that you can fully appreciate them from ankle to chest!

" One evening the boy met a certain Fanny de Cl., Parisienne, enjoy the pleasures of Etretat. In the evening the boy with smoldering hope went to the beauty.

In October 1869, Guy de Maupassant was enrolled at the Faculty of Law in Paris.

July 19, 1870 France declared war on Prussia, and Guy went into the army.

Guy has always had its influence as a writer, she has always guided him as a person.French writer who became famous after the publication of short stories, "Boule de Suif" (1880).He served in the Naval Ministry (1872-1878), worked in the Ministry of Education (1878-1880).The father of the future writer trailed behind and beauties lost in casinos. Quarrels break out between the parents began immediately after the wedding. Throughout his life, Guy compared the water with a woman.

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