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I played and coached in regular season games, playoff games, championship games, Super Bowl games, Pro Bowl games — the biggest games in the world. '” “He said, ‘just believe me, they will.'” Madden’s familiar voice pauses before a moment of revelation. I went from John Madden, the coach, to John Madden, the Miller Lite guy who breaks through the wall. And then after I got in the commercial, you just become part of the team.

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The hidden camera-style commercial opens with a normal looking guy in a bar being approached by a beautiful girl -- drinking a Bud Light, of course -- who sets the stage for adventure from the outset by asking: "If I give you this [beer] are you up for whatever happens next?

" Suddenly the voiceover reveals, "Three seconds ago we gave Ian Rappaport a choice, Ian is not an actor -- he has no idea what is going to happen next." With a behind-the-scenes film crew following their antics, our shell-shocked hero is soon flying around New York City in a Hummer limo filled with bachelorettes while rapping with Reggie Watts, before getting a surprise introduction to Minka Kelly. "This is a bizarre night." Proving that good things do come in pairs, the next party is all twins -- much to Ian's delight -- and more madness ensues when he goes head-to-head with Arnold Schwarzenegger in ping pong. VIDEO: ' Amazing Spider Man 2': 30 Seconds of Super Bowl Spot Released When the game-winning shot is made, the side wall dramatically drops to reveal a bustling club scene and One Republic taking center stage.

A content analysis of 19 Bud Light and Budweiser commercials aired during Super. Bowls from 2011 to. goddess, entitled A Hymn to Ninkasi, was found on a stone tablet dating back to 1800 BCE. The poem includes. novelist Mickey Spillane in Miller Lite commercials, but did little more than make a brief appearance on.… continue reading »

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May 27, 2009. As in the first installment, we're using a rating system based on the 2003 Miller Lite “Catfight” commercial in it, the “perfect” beer commercial naturally. Commercial “Fashion Versus Style” UK Date2005. Advertiser FCUK French Connection Description Two women one representing “Fashion” and the.… continue reading »

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In life, everyone has a break. For John Madden's great career second act, it came 35 years ago, in 1981. An advertising executive for Miller Lite had the guts to tell one of the NFL's most successful coaches that “more people will know you after you do this than have ever known you” before starring in the beer's new TV spot.… continue reading »

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Tide "The Princess Dress". Selected Commercials. Aaron's "Doghouse". Miller Lite "Dating". Maryland Lottery "Rewards". Verizon "You Wouldn't Make It". Commercial Voiceover Demo. Scott's "Snap". Captain D's "Eyewitness". Vonage V. O. "Whole House Kit". Trojan "50 Shades". © 2013 by Jesse Teeters. All rights reserved.… continue reading »

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