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One of the down sides of being a techie traveler is figuring out how to plug everything in.Advances in multi-voltage gadgetry have made it much easier to travel with your electronics, but there's still some difference between electrical systems around the world.BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Police in Argentina discovered original Nazi objects from World War II, including tools for Nazi medical experiments, at a house in Buenos Aires.The objects were found Friday in a hidden room of the house in the northern part of the city.They are in the custody of the justice who is tasked with investigating the find.

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Three years ago, a Buenos Aires city court ordered a vendor of Nazi souvenirs and symbols to perform community service and take a course about the Holocaust. TTFc8 — Ministerio Seguridad (@Min Seg) June 9, 2017 “The main hypothesis is that someone who was part of the regime entered into Argentina because the amount of objects of the same style is difficult to find in private collections that can have one or two objects, but not of this amount and of this quality,” a police officer who was part of the nine-month investigation told Argentine television.