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If you like electrical engineering, Europlugs's detailed slide deck on its build process is surprisingly dramatic, and will give you some faith in its products. Certification authorities and organizations like the U. watchdog Plug Safe hate them for various reasons, and they're right. You can accidentally plug a 120v-only appliance into a 240v outlet (possibly setting it on fire), you could potentially stick paper clips into the extra holes, and such. to Europe, I find the adaptors with large, circular bodies like the Ceptics GP-series shown above to work the best with the often-recessed European outlets; smaller adapters like the Ceptics UP-series that just extend your plug can wobble in the outlet, especially if you're using a heavier gadget power supply.But used intelligently by traveling professionals who check the voltage on their gadgets first, they're perfectly safe. You can buy Wonpro/Eurapra adapters from, or Ceptics-branded adapters from Amazon. One suspect identified by the police is not in Argentina.There are Argentine and non-Argentinean suspects being investigated, but no further details have been provided.

Rock Lee, the head of Europlugs, which makes the Eurapra strips, said this week that it is just starting to sell "fourth-generation" strips, which allow grounded connections between U. and European plugs and sockets and have smaller, easier-to-use safety shutters.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Police in Argentina discovered original Nazi objects from World War II, including tools for Nazi medical experiments, at a house in Buenos Aires.

The objects were found Friday in a hidden room of the house in the northern part of the city.

One of the down sides of being a techie traveler is figuring out how to plug everything in.

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Advances in multi-voltage gadgetry have made it much easier to travel with your electronics, but there's still some difference between electrical systems around the world.

You can find those exclusively at; frequent travelers will especially like the "power bars" with interchangeable end cords for different countries.

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