Mxit dating game

15-May-2017 15:55

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Carry the world in your hands – explore, discover and share more about the things you love, with old friends and new, when you subscribe to the completely localised apps and services that are geared towards you and your community.From sport pages and news, to weather, brands and celebs – there truly is an app for everyone.After that, other versions of instant messaging came up and threatened Mxit.Mxit however didn’t give up but uped its game instead.Crusheo is a fun way to make friends, chat, flirt and date other singles - all for FREE! *** Crusheo will show you people you might like to know. You can think of it as a walk around town (or the world), but with one exciting difference - you have an easy way to connect with the people you see! Let us take the edge off by introducing you in a fun way! ) No hidden paid-only features, subscriptions, or charges. ***WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH CRUSHEO*** * Find new singles to date. It encourages us to create new features, fix bugs, and release great new updates for you!

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* Make friends with other singles local to you or around the world. Yes it all started with Mxit, well actually with sms texting.But Mxit changed things around when it introduced instant messaging.If you’re a Whats App addict, then you probably get fed up with launching the app every time you want to speak to someone.