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Second, they are stylistically similar to engraved images seen on bone and metal artifacts dating to the proto-historic and historic period in Illinois.

Third, the hill side containing the boulder is located adjacent to a river floodplain that reportedly contains a late eighteenth/early nineteenth century Potawatomi settlement.

The archaeological survey results suggest that most of the landforms exposed at the modern plowed surface across the western part of the floodplain date to the Late Archaic and Early Woodland periods (ca. However, older occupational surfaces located several feet below this have been identified in a number of places as a result of systematic geo-coring conducted by Dr. Some of the bluff base surface features and most of the adjacent upland landscape dates to this time frame as well.

One of these, the Dowel Mounds, produced two linear shaped examples that appear superficially similar to those associated with the Late Woodland Effigy Mounds culture of northwestern Illinois, northeastern Iowa, and the adjacent parts of Wisconsin that date between ca. The Nadine site, which consists of four presumed Middle Woodland/Hopewell mounds (ca.

The site was recommended for additional investigations because it appeared to include a relatively short-term mid-nineteenth century component or occupation that would be impacted to a significant degree by the current IDOT undertaking.

The 2017 ISAS investigations included comprehensive gridded surface and metal detector surveys employing 10x10m collection units (CU).

The proposed alignments span approximately 8 miles of the Mississippi River bottoms and the adjacent valley margin in rural Gladstone Township of Henderson County.

The proposed roadway will ultimately link US 67/I-74 at Monmouth, Illinois, to the Avenue of the Saints (or formerly US 61) in Burlington, Iowa.

As part of this undertaking, all study area mortuary sites are also being revisited, mapped, and photographed to ensure that they are completely avoided by the pending IDOT project.This feature also produced redware vessel fragments, along with edged whiteware, some pearlware, and limited amounts of ironstone.Overall, the data recovered from the archaeological investigation suggest this site dates from the 1830s into the early part of the 1840s, which represents a fairly tight, short-term (ca. As such, Mary Hard effectively forms an archaeological snapshot of a rural working farmstead from the Springfield area, making it an ideal laboratory to study some of the earliest American settlers in the region.This does not indicate that the carvings are necessarily Potawatomi in origin, however, as these and other late eighteenth to early nineteenth century Native American peoples in central and northern Illinois often situated their villages on ones formerly occupied by the Illini prior to 1760.

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