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24-May-2017 03:08

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There are so many lessons a parent can teach that can be undone if a girl doesn’t develop confidence in herself from a very young age and sense enough to avoid the trappings of the monkey see, monkey do, society around her.I get thank you letters from women that tell me how much they appreciate what I’m trying to do for female empowerment because many didn’t grow up with male role models, and now that I’m having one of my own, that mission becomes even more important.I looked back through some of my old emails and I came up with a clear answer—it’s the parents.Months back, I was having breakfast when my wife came in and said, “.Mothers are more crucial of course, but in terms of future relationships with the opposite sex, the kind of father a girl grows up with or without, directly effects the men she chooses later in life.

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How can you wield any power when you go dumb for dick and forget your standards or submit just because you have a crush on someone?

, those women that embrace their greatness without a need for outside validation, withstand the trails of life, and turn even the most negative thoughts into positive reactions.