Niche dating site tips

14-Feb-2018 21:56

“When I go on dates with girls I’ve just met, I have to hold the Disney off until later so it doesn’t freak them out at first,” he said.

Another way to meet one’s own Cinderella or Prince Charming is to work at a Disney park.

He had the idea for Mouse Mingle in 2011 after having little luck finding women with a similar passion for Disney on other dating sites.

“It’s different than going to (a dating site) somewhere that’s more generic.” She has had a couple of matches so far, but to talk to the people she matched with, she would have to pay money.

Many students at BYU are from the west coast and likely grew up going to Disneyland.

“The whole culture of our religion is all family-based, and what Disney is is the family entertainment company,” he added.

“All of the other hobbies and projects that I have, I honestly have not touched in the past few months,” Tavres said, “which is a bummer and exciting at the same time.” He said thousands of people each day have been signing up, and the site has already garnered attention from shows like The Tonight Show, The View and NPR.

The site’s description says, “Mouse is the place to connect people who love Disney and want that same magic in their relationship.” It goes on to mention that Disney fans don’t need to live near a Disney park to find someone like themselves.“Because Mormons love Disney, Disney loves Mormons.So it kind of works out.” He attributes the large Disney fan base at BYU to demographics.She said that she would probably not join Mouse Mingle because she feels that a lot of extremes are attracted to niche sites.