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Re-runs from Season 1 are currently on Vibe in New Zealand, a channel aimed at woman's programming.The second season of Mc Leod's Daughters was equally successful, being the third most popular drama on Australian television.The first episode of Mc Leod's Daughters eventually debuted in August 2001 and proved to be a hit, attracting 1.89 million viewers.The first season was a success, attracting an average of 1.5 million viewers per episode in Australia.Cast turn-over was high, and increasingly far-fetched explanations were employed to explain the sudden departure of formerly important characters such as who departed in 2007 and who left in 2008.

When the show began to decrease in ratings in the fifth season, producers decided to introduce several new characters to try and liven up the show.

commented to The Daily Telegraph that his desire to depart from the show was due to the new direction the show was taking, which he did not like.

The 200th episode of Mc Leod's Daughters aired on 3 October 2007, with Hugh Mc Leod (Grace, Jasmine and Regan's father) returning for this special event.

A new farm-hand, Kate Manfredi, was introduced in the fourteenth episode of season four.

The introduction of Kate was to accommodate the departure of Meg, who left to pursue a writing job in Melbourne.

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