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10-Dec-2017 12:13

In terms of scale, it’s nowhere near as bad as last year’s 39 million-member Ashley Madison hack.

The information that’s leaked also isn’t quite as devastating as being outed as an active adulterer, and Beautiful People says no passwords or financial data were exposed.

“When that type of thing comes up and it’s called ‘Users,’ you know you’ve hit something interesting that shouldn’t be available.”Vickery informed Beautiful People that its database was exposed, and the site quickly moved to secure it.

Apparently, though, it didn’t move quickly enough; at some point, the dataset was acquired by an unknown party, which is now selling it on the black market.

Not to mention millions of personal messages exchanged between members.

Even more serious, perhaps, is the issue of database security at large.

An oft-cited Ok Cupid study from 2014 backs this up.

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"The potential issue is a result of how a user might configure their deployment without security enabled," says Mongo DB VP of Strategy Kelly Stirman.“A trained monkey could have protected [this database],” says Vickery, with a more blunt assessment. It’s an incredible oversight, it’s massive negligence, but it happens more often than you think.”Whatever you may think of a site like Beautiful People, the insecurities that prop it up shouldn't extend to its stash of sensitive data.Swiping through friends' dating apps gives me a legal high.Like a lot of other women in long-term relationships, I totally missed the online-dating boat.Still, as you might imagine, a dating site knows a whole lot about you that you might not want broadcasted to the world.