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16, 2015 Most Humiliating Stable Update to Date Details from my slut's visit to see and suck off a tranny - read about his reaming Also: Special sissy slut kit available - sissy pouch panties, plug, squirting dildo, SLUT panties and more - email me with the subject line "Exclusive VIP sissy kit" Read about my SISSY visiting the lingerie store, getting fitted, in a dressing room, as she takes his pictures and sends to me. Two slaves dealing with my wrath: f/fem, public humiliation, Dream Lover CBT and me making a little whore crawl under his desk from a thousand miles away. And yes, I am extending my training, because there's a LOT LEFT IN ME! See the results of my SLUTS shopping with my Sealed Notes - BEST OF! Here's my latest story with an amazing illustration by Sardax. New Corporate Slut Story: Preparing the Cock Visiting you.

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She welcomes inadequate men with small dicks to her webcam chat with open arms and pointing fingers. In the same theme as SALS but a slightly new character line. I just wanted to get right to the strap on, ass fucking, and milking Miss Blue mentioned it in our online chat Friday. I have posted part one of SALS XXX for ALL to read. Read the latest tortures of my slaves that endure DAILY email training. Akasha's latest musing: Fifteen Minutes Yes, it's my annual April hell, ending April 17. Open Letter to my Slavegirl Originally written in 1997, but first time posting this on Akasha's Web! Which slave from my stable will be forced to endure this New, Diabolical, Spiked Chastity Cage? Bound for More From inescapable bondage at home to tight, degrading feminine restraint at the office....